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Of course, depending on your arrival time and our availability, we will do our best to tailor the cruise as you wish.
On ‘whole yacht’ charters the age of the passenger is not an issue, as it is just you and your company on board. But please keep in mind, if children are on board during the cruise, you shall be fully responsible for their behavior, safety and entertainment during the trip, while Private Yachting will provide you with all safety equipment and inform you about the safety procedures on board the yacht. We also have a qualified person will take care of their pleasant and safe stay, while you enjoy swimming in our beautiful sea.
we can cover as many miles are important for your cruise but we cant pass the distance of thie 6 miles away from the beach
No. We normally leave the harbor around 10:30 a.m. and after a few hours of sailing and a few hours anchored in a bays, we return back at 22:00 p.m.
Our daily cruises are a special experience of Cretan sea, so after departure we will offer you water - raki - wine - orange juice - filter coffee along with local appetizers and fresh fruit. Tax and fuel are paid by the shipowner
Very rarely people get seasick onboard as we usually suggest the cruise in the areas where the winds are not too strong and the waves never too big. If you are worried about seasickness, you should bring with you pills like ‘Stugeron’ or a travel wrist band, which you can buy in pharmacies and airports. If you realize you are getting seasick while we are cruising and you don’t have any pills with you, don’t worry as we normally have some onboard.
If your skin is not used to the sun, ideally factor 30-40 for the first couple of days and 15-20 for later. We insist that you use a cream instead of an oily lotion because oil will stain the teak deck and create slippery surfaces which are dangerous on a yacht. Also we would appreciate it if you wouldn’t use the types that contain coloring agents as again they stain the surfaces of the yacht. A practical tip is to avoid the types that are in a spray bottle, as half of your cream will end up blown away with the wind.
There is snorkeling gear onboard, but you are welcome to bring your own mask and fins or any other equipment you have.
Every cabin is equipped with a 220V AC plug, similar to the ones at home, so you can charge anything you want at any time.
There is very good reception on the islands and as the distances between them are small, there is good reception out at sea as well. It is only in a couple of bays and villages that are surrounded by high mountains, where you may not have any reception at all.
Of course it depends on what you will order, but the typical cost would be around 12-18 Euro for an appetizer, main dish and a beer or local wine.


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